As it is not enough by the universal will of accomplishments I got a really fine input today.

As the inventory thought of the combined energies concerned are all focused on letting our humanly souls blossoms into the earthly duty fields they rather suggest to be flowering and blossoming our unique assemblies and sprout our fine sources into the earthly flower fields to spread our seeds of unicity, of love and that fine light of ours. Therefore I got the input to launch some more things under the name of SOULICIOUS Inc.©

The flowering concept of being soulfulness until the end of our seedlings categorized by the universal will of willingness we are invited to let our soul flower bloom like never before. To give you more tools to be touched, to be helped and to be encouraged to let you sprout your own talented seedlings by your unique gifts, potential and passion. Therefore #souliciousInc.© was sprouted by the fruition of my soul.

Love, Irmgard

By IrmgardDaanen


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