The greatest effort of all is the great awakening you are all heading up to. An awakening is the vast internal persuasion and belief that you are an encountered, adequate life form beyond your own previsioned and lived thought sand in the counter relieve of these unbelievable not universal thoughts you withhold your being to grow in its own divine settings.

Your divine setting is nothing else than that you are an universal energy, a source of love and light, on its own that is so aligned with the universal gatherings, the universal source of all and the universal energies of unseen worlds. You do not stand on your own, you are not alone and you certainly do not carry the universal burdens alone.

In the preset rooting  of your being you were merely set foot in the universal energies than in your human kind settings. Your humanly kind expose, your current life form, is nothing more than a vessel in the blood, a vessel in the flesh to carry your aligned source, your soul, on its eternal voyage to its enlightenment.

Your humanly awakening is nothing more than that you open your enclosed humanly eyes for your soul, that you acknowledge its existence and start living its unicity: its unique setting, plan and potential.

On the moment you are awakening and you start seeing with the eyes of the soul, the unconscious eyes, things will start to enroll, to change and all for the good of your beloved soul and its vessel… named you.

An awakening is nothing new. It is just a remembrance of its soul to live its aligned rooting, to start living itself instead of the humanly mind. It might be quite a challenge when you mind is so used to rule, to dictate and give you its leads and you are unable to distract you of these false universal leads to live a more perhaps happy or fulfilling life.

You are never too old, it is never too late and it is certainly never too late to change your life on behalf of your soul to start all over again. It isn’t always easy nevertheless it is worth living and it definitively will launch you more in a suitable, a more appropriate and providence life. It always might attract waves of abundant universal help, overflow and guidance and even the most stubborn mind will be shut off its narrating preferences once you decide, are willing, to follow your soul, live your soul and to research and discover its abilities, abilified life and abundant possibilities.

You aren’t a mind person, you think you are. You are a soul vessel and the moment you start realizing that you in fact start seeing, embracing and worthifying your soul and its deeper consciously potential.

The moment that you worthify your higher soul self you worthify in fact your humanly self. You aren’t human, you are a humanly soul. That is the difference. You aren’t your mind, you are a soul vessel with a mind.

In the peculiarity  of your truthful living live you will discover that you will be challenge and in this awakening concept of being you feel alive and you better surrender and trust your path, plan and maybe contract too to make the best of it.

It isn’t so difficult as you probably might think now as in the willingnessly living you lies already the embracement, the surrender and the challenge. Awakening is living your truthful, essential, authentic you. Without any masquerade, without any seclusion and even without any false thoughts about it. You live and give the best potential you and that is an almighty goodness and it will be a pity that when your earthly voyage is coming to an end that the seclusively thoughts, the limiting contribution of your mind withdraw you from you original plan, path and soul voyage.

In the abundancy of your soul and its exclusive, unique settings, lay also the attractive universal means and this abundancy should give you more pleasure, more happiness and more consistent, consciously living moments than ever. This is awakening and the main question is now: ARE YOU ALREADY AWAKE?

Awakening is divinely timed and in the discoverage of your stillness access point in your higher soul self you might get access to it sooner, if you measure this by the earthly time settings and ticking clocks. Although your plan and even contract has its own time of unleash there is no rush needed as your universal time will come. Definitely. Meanwhile, keep on going, seek your stillness access point and try to dive deeper in your original rooting to discover what is really worthy, necessary to live happily ever after…

Love, Irmgard

Happify your life publishers
By Irmgard Daanen

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