Every step is one ahead and even the tiniest step, effort or progress is a positive flow. A few months ago I drew a lot of mandala’s by hand and I felt that I should bundle them and make a coloring book of it. At that time I had no money at all and I started a crowfunding. My aim for the funding was too high although I received a lot of donations it wasn’t enough to let this crowd funding succeed.

In the past I sold brocante for fun and I almost had my own store in the garage at our home and the moment I felt that this wouldn’t make me happy after all I started new things felt by my heart & soul. My house was cluttered with brocante items I couldn’t sell and items I was too fond of. Nevertheless, just as I had no money I started to sell these on the Dutch marketplace. And two weeks later I made so much of my furniture that I could let my soul color book print.

In the lasts months I gave more books as a gift to friends & family than I sold. Do good and meet good is my slogan…🤪

To make this story shorter… Last week I sold 7 of my Coloring books. I am so happy about that. I still have 950 books to sell nevertheless one step at the time, meanwhile keeping a positive mind and attitude. Passion won’t fill my pocket yet but that is and will never be my goal…

Love, Irmgard

MY HAPPY SOUL ART by Irmgard Daanen

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