It’s Sunday. A day to take rest, to become one with self in the stillness you probably take for self. A conquered heart full of the reliance of self, knowing its worthiness in time, measured in silence is the one to become. This momentum of self-time, nurturing self, in the most beautiful moments of being is your Sunday bliss time.

Every day can give you bliss and the nurturing and feeding concept of your own being is sequenced by the meaning and the moments you actually take to make this a reality of self. Feeding your beautiness by bringing it into silence, in rest, will actualize the energic flow into the decorum of momentum.

Once you step back and realize that you feel this and take evidently really charge for your inner self, soul self, you are heading up making this momentization of being worthful in its own existence. You are worthified in your own concept and your greatest effort, contribution, you can give yourself is to prioritize your beloved soul self, into its own existence.

Conceptual living is living into consciousness of your wortification. This wortification lies in the reset, rebound, and pause you claim for yourself. In the meantime you take charge for your energetic field too, as this aurographic field, will encounter not only your energetic vibrations it also gathers the information of others around. In the ‘miscellaneousity’ of your forgetful self your bliss time of being can be soaked by the presence of others unconsciously adapting your energy and drain your into its bulb of existential truth to be drained.

Your Sunday bliss, your everyday bliss, can be exact that moment that you withdraw yourself, even slightly a few minutes, to take granted for your soul self and to refresh it in its standardization to benefit, give it the benefits, of the actual time your spend in stillness and self.

Your everyday bliss will be standardized if you give yourself, your soul being, the moments of prioritization by putting it into its own setting by withdrawing yourself in your busy, rural, life. It might take some efforts but this nurturing time can be so contributive to your well-being, feeling this bliss, through every existential means by give action to it.

Just be aware that your Sunday bliss, cocooning in your own wealth, inner wealth, is a wellness moment of self and once integrated and adapted as standard in your Sunday, you can give it everyday attention…

Love, Irmgard????

By Irmgard Daanen

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