We are all humanly souls do carry the seeds of love in our soul and the most satisfying soul fulfillment is made by spreading those seeds around. The distinction of these seeds of prosper love differs from another by just its uniqueness.

The qualities and capacities you are supplied with. We all do have means, an aligned meaningful life and in this inner knowledge, the moment you get noticed by these means and your purposed life -driven by your potential-, you can start spreading and sowing as never before.

An intentioned humanly soul is always driven by these means and the moment you start navigating on behalf of you heart and soul you activate your loving source to spread its goodies, its seeds of love, to the outer world. As every seed is one, every drop counts, no matter whatever your input is your seed will grow once it has found its suitable soil, its receiving soul or its place to sprout.

As happifying others is one of my main leads in life, whether in words, creations or by gifts (or just being myself. That is for some also a great good to be acquainted with) I am always driven by giving this particular seeds aways. The sprouting reality of my being nowadays.

What I have learned so far that you can’t give as much goodies away and seeds as you have to give. So, always keep a few for yourself knowing that all who are programmed and intent to give and serve as the measurement in their beloved soul gives, the content of their soul has, you can’t serve from an empty soul cup. So keep some goodies for yourself and keep that inner flame burning and sparkling to stay strong, healthy, balanced and powerful.

The drops and seeds of love are belovedly meant to be spread and in the mistrust of self you might hold too much for yourself if you have no confidence that your seeds will be landed or meet a recipient. Nevertheless in the meaning of life, soul life I mean, there is nothing like that spreading your soul goodies is right or wrong. It is always okay. Just the fact that you have an idea of yourself and your actions doesn’t mean that your seeds are too unworthy to spread or might not have an effective outcome. I certainly learned the moment the mind gets in everything is troubled. Also the misconception of your input in the world.

So every seed is worthful, counts and has the ability to spout and blossom once its has found a good soil to land. The most beautiful thing about seeds is that there is a ripple effect. Once you sowed your seeds, they will multiply themselves as once a seed has found its place it will generate more seeds in the sprouting and blossoming concept of its energetical existence. So be meaningful in your potential life and throw that seeds, spread them as much as you can knowingly devoted and evidently convinced that your soul seeds will fall, will multiply itself and will be effective and affective in the right soil, spot or place.

Love, Irmgard

Irmgard Daanen

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