We all have those dreams. Dreams of passion, of creativity, of expanding inner wealth. Realistic dreams empowered by the means and longings of the soul. As every soul carries its own unicity we all do differ in our dreams.

My soul certainly has those dreams too and before I hardly new I had several pages and groups on Facebook, a laptop full of texts and an immense stream of creativity came along once I followed my path of the soul. The more I dare to rely on my soul, its capacities and by embracing this sparkling inner energetical wealth and trusting it (even surrender to it in my most soulful state of being I possibly can be) the greater the expanding inner forces, the sprouting creativity and the longing of my soul to express itself.

After launching my Coloring your life Coloring book for the soul life took me once again and before I realized it was life itself, my fears and all what was throwed on my path what brought a major pause in this soul creativity. Although my soul kept me pushing forward.

Now its time, divine timing, to take my soul power back and give life a big high five for giving me all those lessons, trembling nuisance and unsafe feelings by planting me on a business area besides a demolition and building site and all what I had to deal with. Thank you for that universe, I have grown intensely into a steady balanced being! So, it’s definitely and finally soul time. Worked hard, lived harder and worked even harder, internally seen. But I am back and yesterday I ordered postcards of 10 drawings. The idea itself had been laying on my creativity shelf for almost a year.

Life made me humble, more humble than I used to be and therefore I humbly say that I am proud of myself. Lived it, did it and go for it.

Love, Irmgard

MY HAPPY SOUL ART by Irmgard Daanen

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