When your soul goodies start to sprout itself in luminescent ways and are about to blossom in its own prosperity do not hesitate to take steps on behalf of your soul to enhance the process of its evolvement into enlightenment.

The internal push, the ravishing inner universal knocking, has to come out to find its way in its predestined path of being. On the moment when you are fully aware that things start to change, things are taken sight, the true means of your soul are about to come out and show itself to the world (and beyond) there is nothing so damaging as you own fear, pains and intention to make itself invisible once again.

Soul goodies, your prosper potential, has taken advantage of its own acceleration leap into the current state of the dimensional uplifting energy and once you are carried by this energy there is no way back. Even your mind with its anxieties, pains and maybe preference to hide itself has no influenceable meaning at all when your own time-schedule is set. The divine timing of being.

Do not fear, sweet one, do not hold back when it is universally time to show and present your soul goodies to the world. All that labor, all that hard work will come to and end as the foreseen path is there to be walked, to be cherished with and to be carried through. Your universal, spiritual team is ready to go forward to pave the path of yours.

Once you step forward on your prophesied path you will be sweetened, carried and helped as never before. You are not alone, you don’t have to do it totally alone and there is no loneliness as the current state of being has proven to be steady enough to go through the most elevated and harshful moments to be reinforced to go through and through on your fierceful, brave and beautiful path of the soul.

The illuminating concept is there. You just have to step forward and dare to take, to conquer and to live what is yours. It was there all the time, as the universal plan and contract showed us, but you weren’t ready. Your readiness is there on the moment you have grown into your prophesied internal being, your soulfulness, and there is nothing so contributing to your process once you said a firm goodbye to your ego mind to step forward into your soul embracement once and forever.

Go on sweet child and remember do not look back. It was all to get you ready and the inner work is partially done. As this is a lifetime job do not compete with that inner ego anymore as that will not and never contribute to your path, yourself and your soul self. Be carried, be outgoing and be receptive. Bon voyage and don’t forget to spread your soul goodies once and forever. Be happy and stay happy and in the illuminating concept of your own being be miraculously receptive when it concerns your own light. Do stand in your own light too. Never forget that.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen

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