After some googling I’m already an Isbn barcode wiser and with trying out a few things here and there, playing with Canva and some creative advice from my partner… I’m getting further and further and to a smooth design.

They are still the ‘trials’, but every step is one and yet you get further and further. Where the heart is, the way flows (the soul way) and everything unfolds, as it may unfold.

I strongly believe in the power of ‘go with the flow’, in the moment now and certainly also in the power of visualization and manifestation. And everything you put your heart & soul in that it will certainly pay off. Only it’s just for myself by keeping me busy.

No, seriously, what you sow with love, you will reap with love. Especially in this transformative times where the boomerang of sowing returns with an enormous speed… I strongly believe that ‘my’ soul book will get a bottom.

To be continued… Love, Irmgard

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