The quality of your life starts with the internal feeling. The internal feelings of your heart and soul. The evoked feeling by the mind won’t satisfy the need of your being to live the deeper feelings of bliss, of contentment and of gratitude.

No matter what you live, the most adequate way to experience these inner feelings is to bring your being into its own silence. The challenge is in your, perhaps occupied, life to withdraw yourself of the rat race your probably walk and to get your mind into the rest of your human being.  

This might be a step ahead, or perhaps too difficult, as you are, although, many of you are too busy with that same mind to get things done, moved, lived and carried on. As the true inner redemption of being can be found in that inner setback of stillness, of your silenced mind in an overcompensating life, you will be challenged.  

Take the challenge and move forward into the acknowledging fact that you are all able to find and embrace that inner point of silence, that holy inner sanctuary of self, as you all do possess this kind of access. It is up to you whether you take the challenge and experience the daring fact of inner assumption, of inner aligning and/or of inner connection with self.  

Try to happify your life in the embracement, in the acknowledging and in the existential truth that your inner sanctuary is worth discovering, visiting and experiencing and start feeling into this provoked silence, that pause your take for self by momentizing your being into its silence point, and live a more fulfilled, a happier and a more conscious life by prioritizing your inner (soul) self instead of that mind of yours what (sub)presses, dictates and narrates you…  

Love, Irmgard💜  

Empowered by MY HAPPY SOUL Irmgard Daanen

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